Title of contract Contractor Date
Supply with IT equipments Privatization Agency of Kosovo 28.08.2013
Vmware Vsphere licence upgrade Procredit Bank 17.07.2013
Increase of resources and promotion of IT services Ministry of Public Administration 02.07.2013
VMWare licenses Norwegian Mapping Authority/ Agjensioni Kadaster i Kosoves 25.05.2013
Data Center (vCloud) Implementation Project in Kosovo Police Donator – U.S. Embassy Pristina, Kosovo 02.01.2013
Supplies Contract KSV/014•12 051 Title: HIS Pilot Sites IT -Infrastructure Hardware ( Joint Venture Printec- Virtuo) Donator – LUX development – Beneficiary – Ministry of health 07.12.2012
Maintenance of backup strategy, installation and support Ministry of Public Administration 04.10.2012
Supply with EMC equipment’s NLB Prishtina 15.05.2012
Supply with VMware licenses (software) NLB Prishtina 04.01.2012
Supply with servers and equipment’s for servers Privatization Agency of Kosovo 19.09.2011
Supply and implementation and training of Hardware and Software NLB Bank in Prishtina 11.03.2011
Supply and implementation for Back system in MPA Ministry of Public Administration 04.12.2010
Data Center MPA Lot 1 Ministry of Public Administration 13.09.2010
Microsoft Licenses LOT 3 ICO 30.03.2010
Supply with VM ware vSphere ProCredit Bank 30.10.2009
Supply with antivirus licenses (Sophos Enterprise Security and Control) Ministry of Public Administration 30.09.2009
Supply and instalation aplication server dhe backup for PTK PTK 22.05.2009
Supply with antivirus licenses ICO 25.03.2009
Supply with antivirus licenses Ministry of Public Administration 18.02.2009
Project for disaster recovery center for IT in MPA-se LOT 4 (VM Ware licenses) Ministry of Public Administration 13.10.2008